Flickr finds – sheepskin rugs

Posted on Sun, 15 Mar 2009 by KiM

I love the picture of the cat, cute. Nice post!

Horrível,uma matança.Deve haver outro material que substitua a pele de animais, sem perder a textura, que é bela!

I much prefer faux sheepskin rugs etc so I am imagining each of these pics as animal friendly! great ideas here. so versatile.

Maggie says:

Beautiful! That kitchen from Fruta is especially appealing. P.S. I feel that someone should mention that faux fur is *not* animal or earth friendly – it’s made from petroleum-based acetate which is extremely destructive to air, water and habitats, not to mention that it wears poorly, feels bad, isn’t all that warm, and never biodegrades. Great post, Kim!

Carrie says:

I might get one to cover up my faded orange sofa… Although with spring around the corner it seems a tad silly…

I love my IKEA sheepskin rugs, but long for something more plush. The one on the bench in the Fruta photo is amazing! My mother has a very old, very thin one which is gorgeous as well. They really do look better with age.

p.s. Maggie, THANK YOU for that comment.

p.p.s. Kim, this is a very brave post!

kim. says:

I LOVE sheepskin rugs and have been dying to buy one/many at Ikea for some time but figure the cats will just puke on them. Brave post? Maybe. Chalk it up to my only idea on a VERY busy morning.


The sheepskin in my photo (very_lame) is actually faux fur, soulofclaire!
And although not great on the environment, the material was received at a craft swap.
And kim, it’s pretty much the only rug in the house my cats haven’t puked on.

kim. says:

Nothing is great for the environment, so why worry about your sheepskin rug when it’ll never go out of style and you’ll have it forever. And you’re so lucky ROCKDOVE that yours has remained puke-free.

my DOGGIES…would LOVE this type of rug for sure. Cute post Kim. :)))))))

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