I’m loving …..

Posted on Wed, 18 Mar 2009 by midcenturyjo

…. the new work I keep finding by photographer Trine Thorsen. It seems whenever I need inspiration for around my house a quick visit to Trine’s website and her latest shoots have my mind racing. I especially love this series as I collect West German pottery and hand thrown 70s pieces. A complete rearrange at home is on the cards. But don’t stay here. Go to the website and drink in all the new loveliness. My favourite photographer!

That is a gorgeous vanity set!

Carrie says:

Love the empty frames idea!

Lindsay says:

This is going to make it all that much harder for me to find vintage German pottery at Value Village! But these are great. The yellow!

kim. says:

Lindsay – german pottery at Value Village??!! I think I’d pass out if I ever found any there.

malo says:

I stopped by her website and got stuck. Amazing.

boliyou says:

Really clever arrangements.

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