Grey is the new black

Posted on Thu, 19 Mar 2009 by midcenturyjo

Grey is the “it” colour at the moment. Everywhere you turn, every page you turn stylists and designers are cocooning rooms in grey. It’s the new black… or should that be white. I love the dark brooding grown up feel of this house available through Inspace. Teamed with beautiful timber and the occasional jewel tone it is so rich it could almost blow your diet!

love the grey and especially the vintage typewriter in your earlier post!

we’ve just finished painting our interiors in tones of gray and it’s such a subtle but dramatic change…couldn’t recommend it more…especially with a warm toned floor. and i think alot of it has to do with making sure you use the right shade of gray (warm, cool, etc) for your house and what kind of light you get.

I love that dark, slate gray. We’re most likely painting a room in our home that colour… either our bedroom or perhaps the den. Haven’t quite decided!

Love these photos! I just had our whole main floor and foyer painted in a light grey. It’s just beautiful and we are searching for red accents. Thanks for sharing!

i want those chandeliers!! they’re like bubbles

-charli from

Patty says:

Loving grey right now…I just bought a grey blouse and skirt (which is the only thing in my winter wardrobe that is not black!)…

Beautiful floors!

Rachel says:

Funny, I was just thinking the other day how gray was the new chocolate brown!!!! Black is always en vogue, but gray’s a softer alternative (like chocolate brown was for so long).

Kirby3131 says:

I was intrigued with the Chandeliers, too. I’m not a fan of dark floors, just because they can look filthy so quickly. here in FL even if you don’t live by the beach, the sand gets everywhere and puts a think film of dust on the floors.

However, the place is gorgeous! and if I was given the chance to live there, I’d just mop the floors every day 🙂

elock says:

Well that’s great to read since I just bought some beautiful light gray frieze carpet for my downstairs. 🙂

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