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Posted on Fri, 20 Mar 2009 by midcenturyjo

Is it the downturn in the market or the fact that I am scouring the real estate pages for a development property of my own that I haven’t been real estate stalking (more like just drowning in real estate) lately? Here’s a small lot inner city pad perfect for your hip young couple or more likely your still hip older couple with pocket loads of cash. A little out of my price range. Here while the link lasts. And yes that is an open air shower. How cool taking a shower under the stars!

This house has such an Urban Australian look to it. I love the open space that reflects the outdoors inside. Hayley

Solo says:

I love it very much.How o wish to have that kind of house.Soooo cool..;D Thanks for sharing it..;D

kim. says:

Wow this home is amazing. Hard to tell what the layout is like. Seems open with the huge windows but then boxy at the same time. Buy it Jo! 😉

Jessie says:

Well, I hope the furniture comes with the place because you sure as hell what be able to buy any after nyou make your house payment!!!!! The shower is my favorite thing!

Michelle says:

all i can say is, wow

That is officially my dream house. Oh wait, I say that almost every time I see a house on here.

Virginia says:

oh, you Australians are so lucky! I’d love some indoor/outdoor space in my home but in Indiana (US), it’s not at all practical.

Heather says:

I really want that! A pool AND an apartment!

Truly gorgeous!

Beautiful…particularly love the bedroom!

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