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Posted on Tue, 24 Mar 2009 by KiM

I’ve got big news! I have the honour of having my home featured on a house tour over at Apartment Therapy today. 🙂 Click here for the tour. I’ve been an avid follower of AT for quite some time, and have had some photos of my home(s) included in posts here and there but this is my first house tour. SO COOL. (I’m hoping their readers go easy on the comments as they can often get pretty foul). Here’s a sneak peak of some photos I took for them of nooks and crannies around my house (not sure if these will be included in the tour).

Wow! I am loving your sense of style- mixing old with new and making your home completely unique. I especially love the kitchen cabinets and how they contrast with the super sleek sink and countertop. And if i had a cat, i would definitely serve them cat food from fancy crystal containers on a silver platter- so decadent!
As a needlepoint designer, i totally dig your bargello pillow collection- i have many great ones as well collected from ebay.
Very inspiring!

Nicole says:

Beautiful home. I’m somehow shocked to realize that you live off Preston St in Ottawa. While apartment hunting I lost all hope for that area, and well… all of Ottawa. It’s nice to see an inspiring Ottawa home that isn’t in the Glebe or in a new subdivision! Your amazing finds give me hope for great finds of my own!

Would you mind listing a few of your favorite home shopping locations? I seem to be unable to find affordable Vintage/Antique places!

kim. says:

Thanks guys!!! You’re all (ok mostly all) too kind.

Lyndar, the striped rug is from Ikea. LOVE IT!!

Nicole, I think my area of West Centretown is up-and-coming. Lots of younger folks like me buying up dumpy places and turning them into little jems. The 2 houses next to me are owned by younger couples both of whom have spent some $$ redoing them. And if you’d like local resources, the best thing is to check my resource list on the AT tour. Just about every place I would reccommend is on there.

Congratulations! Love your chair with the green zebra print cushion!

jillhastohaveit says:

Love all the color.
Swoon Cowhide rug. I imagine it’s not real cow skin. Where did you get it?

kim. says:

Thanks designclique! I gave that chair a complete makeover.

Thanks jillhastohaveit! I think the rug is real. I bought it on eBay – seller claimed it was, but I have my doubts. (I would prefer it to not be real)

So Beautiful, great job Kim.
Well done!

oh this is just absolutely perfect…..oh my goodness I just love this eating area…why haven’t I done this !!!!

I was just about to ask for instructions on your DIY sofa, but I noticed your new posting.
Merci! Your cats are adorable.
Jillhastohaveit: Kim’s cowhide is definitely real! Too bad tho.

kim. says:

Believe me when I say if I could have found a fake cowhide I would have bought it instead. But I couldn’t find any, real or fake, here.

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