Lesley Dilcock

Posted on Fri, 27 Mar 2009 by KiM

Lesley Dilcock is a London based stylist who was an originating founder of UK’s Marie Claire. She also has written a few books, including “Global Style” that I’d love to get my hands on. Here is a peek at some of her styling prowess.

Michelle says:

Love her work, especially the couple under the lampshade! Unfortunate last name, though.

Sam says:

Beautiful photographs today – truly enjoy reading your posts.


bkhdesign says:

You have got some more lovely pics. Loving the unusual kitchen with triangluar walls. Fab!

Teresa says:

Lovely inspiring blog!!!


Erica says:

I love these photos…the photo of the couple under the lamp reminded me of the movie, “The Christmas Story”.

The library is really cool! Love love the black lamps.

Gorgeous. Anyone know what the hanging plant in the second-last pic is?

After much google-wrangling I answered my own question: it’s a Ceropegia woodii (aka rosary vine or heart vine).

love, love the photo with this couple hidden by the lamp shade… Beautiful!

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