Viva Brasil!

Posted on Mon, 30 Mar 2009 by midcenturyjo

Rodrigo A. Vieira Martins, an architect with Rosenbaum Design in São Paulo, Brazil emailed pictures of their latest work, a restaurant, Dalva e Dito that resurrects the memory of Brazilian colonial architecture and food. The design team immersed themselves in recollections of architecture, the ritual of food and relationship between people and the meaning of the space. Using materials such as adobe brick (with herbs), reclaimed timber and tessellated tile floors the building is evocative of a past era but is hip and fresh. I love the warmth of the space, the beauty of the patio dining. The firm outlines their projects on their blog as well. In Portuguese but that’s what Google Translator is for. Tomorrow I’ll bring you two more projects – one that celebrates the colour and vibrancy of Brazilian design and the other the joy of real life houses for real life people.

Peggy says:

I adore the large beads hanging on the wall. May steal that idea.

Dana says:

Lovely place huge setup and great interior decor design by Rosenbaum Design.

Thanks for sharing

Chantal says:

I spent a summer in Brasil (15 years ago) and I have to admit that when I saw that first photo of the Patio it took me back there instantly.

referindo says:

i am from Brasil, i've been to this place and it is really cool!!
the chef calls Alex Atala, for me he is the best of BRASIL. he also have one restaurant D.O.M!!
by the way, i love your blog!
it is in my special blogs!

God I love that wall of objets! I had the best vacation in Brazil…everything is just beautiful. Somehow even the ugly stuff is compelling to look at.

kim. says:

AMAZING!! The wall of objects, the ginormous necklace, the mass of pendants….

I’m from Brasil too and this restaurant is really something!!! The decoration is perfect but food is the best part of all!!!

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