Bright and bold kitchen

Posted on Tue, 31 Mar 2009 by KiM

I saw this today on a local paper’s website (Ottawa Citizen) and had to share it. How gorgeous is this apple (or acid) green kitchen?!?! It is Daniel and Helene Gauthier’s kitchen in their 2 bedroom, 850 sq ft downtown condo. (Perhaps it is so fab because Daniel is senior kitchen designer for Potvin Kitchen & Bath). They are very brave to have such a bold colour used so abundantly in their kitchen. Fantastic!!

Love that color. How fun and fresh

Simko says:

I painted the living room of my (current) apartment a similar shade of green. After painting the first wall, I was a little worried I had made a mistake. However, by the time the room was done, I was really glad I took the chance.

Loving this bright colour but not confident enough to go for it!
Looks really beautiful…

holy moly. I love bright kitchens (I am getting a little tired of white ones everywhere). But think I would have liked just that one green wall of cabinets in the back. I also have to say, having installed lacquered cabinets in my kitchen (in a deep red) that they are super high maintenance.

Lee says:

Wow, that’s FANTASTIC! I use it as an accent in my studio … perhaps it can do with a bit more. Great inspiration! Thanks 🙂

Tasha says:

So I notice weird things, but that photographer didn’t plan that shot very well–the lacquer reflects the lighting umbrella thing perfectly!

ok, so am i the only one who thinks this is wrong? it just seems to make the small kitchen smaller. im all for green but it this is kinda yucky to me.
im sure in the 70’s all that avocado was pretty awesome too.

Not quite me either. I don’t think it’s the colour. Hey a girl can never get enough acid green. For me it’s the 2pac finish. Shiny shiny.

that color makes me hungry, so i guess that is a good color to have in your kitchen? haha 🙂

thanks for posting,

Lauren says:

wow! that’s a lot of lime green! i’m not sure if i could handle that much myself…but kudos to them for not being afraid of color!

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