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Posted on Tue, 31 Mar 2009 by midcenturyjo

Talk about colour and vibrancy! Talk about the exciting design scene in Brazil today! It’s fun, slightly irreverent and hot, hot hot. These photos are from an exhibition/show house, “CasaCor Peru” created by Rosenbaum Design in Lima, Peru to celebrate Brazilian culture.

But perhaps the work that I am drawn to the most on Marcelo Rosenbaum and his design team’s website is “Home Sweet Home” (Lar Doce Lar). This is design for the real people, not the “chic and thin”. Since 2006 Rosenbaum has transformed homes that many of us would call slums for television. A better take on the genre than many. I’ve included some befores below but take a close look at the projects. You’ll be inspired.

unique and vibrant, love the use of color and… well love everything!

Cara says:

The real homes, wow! This is what we need. real inspiration. Great post.

EL JOOD says:

I wish my house looks like this … Nice photos

kim. says:

This is definitively inspirational. Fantastic!

I'm always going through here. Today, coincidentally saw your post on Rosenbaum, I had also posted. He is all good, very creative.
> alterar

Anonymous says:

Any thoughts on how they get the scenes/photos on the refrigerators?

It’s such a neat concept.

Jesse says:

You always have so many beautiful photos! Thank you so much for sharing. I really enjoy your site! Would love it if you would stop by mine some time.

Anonymous you can find a how to on their blog but you’ll have to translate. I’m sure if you email they can help you 🙂 Thanks Jesse! off to check you out.

Oh and Maryam I can’t wait to see the Peacock Pavilions in all their glory. Insanely jealous.

Anita says:

Great post !

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