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Posted on Wed, 1 Apr 2009 by KiM

Last year I posted about New York design firm 2Michaels, founded by twins Joan and Jayne. Joan emailed the other day to let us know that both her and her sister’s apartments were featured in a recent issue of Interior Design. Joan lives in Jayne’s former 1,200 sq ft apartment, “the cheapest two-bed, two-bath on the Upper West Side” while Jayne scored an affordable 1,100 sq ft Midtown apartment with East River views that had been untouched by the former owner for 40 years. Jayne’s apartment required alot of work while Joan’s required alot of furniture (she moved in with only 3 pieces). The results of both apartments is a mid-century vintage vibe and lots of iconic furniture and accessories, and so much stunning artwork. (Thanks Joan and Jayne for sharing your homes with us!)

This first group of photos is Jayne’s apartment.

These next photos are of Joan’s apartment.

9to5world says:

Beautiful photos, especially the dens and bedrooms.
Kudos for the styling. Love the rugs also, but maybe
some of them are Swedish? Nice post, would like
to see more work from these designers.

design fiend says:

The rugs are swedish from the 40’s -50’s.
the kitchen reminds me of early bauhaus. nice sweep of upper cabinets with tone on tone colors.

Luv both, but the second (Joan’s) is more me!

Catherine says:

Both have some great rooms.. I would take a little bit of one and a little bit of the other!!!
NICE pictures! Thanks!

Anonymous says:

These are my favorite interior designers. I’ve been following them for years and they have always been a great inspiration to me. I love how both of these apartments achieve a perfect balance between edginess and serenity. You can see that what they do, they do with love.

Anonymous says:

Lovely work. It manages that most difficult of feats: it looks easy and natural, not forced and “designed”. This is the mark of a true master.

Ingunn says:

Nice blog! I will visit you often. Have a nice weekend. Best regards ingunn from Norway

Too funny – the big green bush painting was sold at the auction house I worked at in Seattle, and they got it for a steal and a half.

design outsider says:

Timeless and (seemingly) effortless. I know, I know . . . it’s really hard work, but when done right (which is rare) great design effortlessly captures the essence of style. Congratulations!

jayne michaels says:

Many thanks for the wonderful comments!! It means so much to us.
We hunt high and low (and obsessively) for unique items and sometimes we strike gold (like Brooke said)! I forget how much we paid for the painting but we did get it for a song. Here’s the information on it.
Oil Painting titled ”Fluffy Green Spot, 1963” Eugene Pizzuto (1925-2004), WA.

Thanks again.


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