Hannes Söderland

Posted on Thu, 2 Apr 2009 by KiM

I will have to make this brief as I am trying to make it out to Rockland Textiles this evening (I prepare my posts the night before) to see about some fabrics for pillows for my DIY sofa. I shall leave you with the lovely photography of Stockholm based (you would guess that by the photos) Hannes Söderland. P.S. This is what I ended up finding.

Virginia says:

That wooden bathtub is cool.

Great photos. It’s that Scandinavian love of bright white love again.

Amy says:

I love the bathroom sink! The wood and the light make it feel like it should be on a yacht. Nice!

What a calm bedroom, so inviting!
I love the open window, one can almost feel the breeze!

kim says:

QUESTION: How would you get up to that bed in the first picture? :/

drey says:

i love that first photo kim! see the white straight bar to the left of the frame of the bed? to the left of the white door in the middle of the photo? think that’s a ladder!

what a great way to maximise space in studios!

Anonymous says:

wow amazing pics. those swedes are always playing it with style!

boliyou says:

That first picture is so charming!

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