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Posted on Fri, 3 Apr 2009 by KiM

Easter weekend is coming up, and it will be a 5 day weekend for me. I am so excited to have that many days off from my day job so I can get some more work done around the house. I’m thinking about tackling the main bedroom. Here is what it looked like when I bought the house and had just moved in. (I had to include the shot of the hacked-off door – typical of the shoddy workmanship in this house)

The closet was massive, and blocked one of the windows which drove me insane. Since bedroom #2 is tiny and I am using it as a dressing room, this closet was home to only off season clothing and whatever other crap I could cram in it. So one day my boyfriend helped me tear it down.

This is a relatively recent photo of my bedroom.

All of the bedding is from the bedroom in my last house and it will be replaced with I think a white simple duvet cover and all my bargellos. The lamp shades I found a while back at Habitat for Humanity ReStore and I want to turn them into hanging pendants. Those bedside tables are close to 30 years old and are from my parent’s bedroom set. I was going to paint the sides/top white and leave the drawer faces alone but now I’m thinking they are just too big and I don’t even use the drawers. The screen is a favourite mid-century shop find that I splurged on and I’m thinking about taking off the hinges and hanging a piece on either side of the bed behind whatever side table I send up with. As for a wall colour, I’ve had light pink in my head for a while, and the other day I started thinking about acid green. Crazy – perhaps. Fun – YES. No clue what to do. At the end of the bed, as I mentionned in a previous post, will be 2 4ft Expedits to house my overflowing magazine collection and knick knacks that I have no other home for. I did a bedroom inspiration post for some ideas several months ago, but I think I’m in need of some new inspiration and a creative boost.

Amy says:

great pics – my fave is the one from Bolig Magasinet -gorgeous! And taking the closet down was definetly a good idea – you have to wonder who draws up these house plans with blocked windows, etc sometimes…

Anonymous says:

It looks good – but I would move the bed to the other side of the room (where the closet was). Perhaps remove the wicker chair out as it is too overpowering. Maybe replace the chair with a small round side table with a lamp and framed photos of loved ones. But well done.

Anonymous says:

btw the plant is way too big. Replace with a vase (or low level pot) with a much smaller plant

kim. says:

I have to leave the bed where it is as it’s the only place where there are outlets for lighting next to the bed. (And the photo with the plant is a bit old – the plant died in the fall). You did give me an idea anon. I am not sure what artwork I have for my bedroom – but I’ve always wanted to do an arrangement of photos of my cats since I have none around the house.

p.s. sorry for all the exclamations points. i sounded like a cheerleader……

Anonymous says:

pleasure! I love my cat as well. True I didn’t think of the outlets

I LOVE bedroom overhauls….more pics please! I like the fact that your room looks so much more OPEN now.. : )))) I would go for a white paint for sure.

Oh! Do the acid green, I’ve been dreaming of painting my bedroom the same bright hue. 🙂

casapinka says:

Love that chopped off door, heh heh. Lots of good inspiration and I know whatever you do will knock our socks off (as usual.)

boliyou says:

What a difference removing that closet made!

I absolutely love the bed cover from Living, Etc.

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