Michael Grimm

Posted on Tue, 7 Apr 2009 by midcenturyjo

An updated website is a beautiful thing. I love Michael Grimm’s work (previous post here) but what’s better than an extremely talented photographer whose work is strong and bold and beautiful? An extremely talented photographer with new photos to enjoy. And what can I say about that top photo? Just that on a clear day I bet they can see heaven from their deck.

The first pic is just sooooo amazing!!! I want to pack my bags and go there right away!!!

love the red bookshelf!!!

Beautiful, beautiful images. I love the desk!

Virginia says:

That arrangement of portraits is cool

ann says:

the book shelves painted in a deep red. the color really makes the books and objects look amazing.

HeddyShea says:

Love all the photos! I especially love them because it helps me with my own lacking photography skills!


citysage says:

That photo of the pink wing chair next to the fireplace is one of my all-time favourite interiors vignettes. I don’t generally veer towards traditional styling like that but there’s just something about it!

And I am LOVING that shot with all the painted portraits of women. Mmm…maybe it’s time to start yet another collection?

Scotti says:

I love Michael Grimm, and his photography. Michael stayed with my husband and me years ago at our house in the Hollywood Hills and took the most beautiful photos of my two Whippets which I will always treasure!

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