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Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin are the names behind Hand, an interior design firm from France. They have some home furnishing stores as well that are designed so beautifully you could simply walk in and think you were “home”. Their work is contemporary but filled with warm neutral colours and plush, simple furnishings – the kind you can put your feet up on. They also mix in mid-century modern furniture pieces that add a bit of funkiness. I’m taking many notes, because these spaces are totally my style.

Mango Gal says:

These images are amazing!!
I love the black kitchen and the dining room with those beautiful chairs!

Kara says:

I like the room with the chocolate brown walls. It gives off the feeling that I want to *someday* achieve in my living room.

The big, square settee is interesting.

Anonymous says:

any idea who made the lanterns in the first photo? thanks.

Nicola says:

Great pics! My favourite is the last one (bathroom). Thanks!!!

oh my. it is simply perfection.

Love the room with stone walls. 21st century luxe in 18th century charm.

Michelle says:

I am in LOVE with that first photo. What a great dining room

cathie says:

bravo pour votre blog !C’est ma pause détente quotidienne et un bonheur toujours renouvelé.Continuez !!!!

Pajtim says:

Hello. Can anyone find me anything of life from Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stéphane Garotin or Hand firm.
If anyone have anything can send in my e-mail : neroenergie_P@hotmail.com
With respect Pajtim Ismaili!

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