Dreaming of buying a house

Posted on Thu, 9 Apr 2009 by midcenturyjo

… is this my new view?

I’m this close to buying a new home… well new for me. I can smell it, almost taste it. Soon, fingers crossed soon. We think we have found it but unlike many property markets around the world Australia’s market is still stubbornly overpriced. Buyers aren’t buying because prices are high and owners are renting their properties instead of selling for a lower price. It’s a stand off at the moment and no one is quite sure what is going to happen. Our new dream property is tenanted…. until January next year so if we do go ahead and buy I will certainly have plenty of time to pack all those boxes for moving.

So on a brighter note I wanted to share this L.A. home currently on the market here. Maybe I can snap my fingers and “magic” it over here. Dreaming 🙂

There’s nothing better than a borrowed jacaranda tree 🙂

Paddy13 says:

So is it Brisbane? From Paddington looking towards Mt Cootha?? Have to agree with your property comments, we are currently stuck in a stand off with a seller as well

Nothing beats buying a dream home!
Lovely post Jo.

Oh what a view!!! I can see purple accents to tie in the trees. . . love love love it. Best of luck with your search/bidding etc. Buying a house is always more difficult than one can imagine. I’ve fallen in love then lost a few but make sure you follow all the tv guru’s advice and don’t let your emotions overcome your sense. . .
I’ll have my fingers crossed!

kim. says:

You will get that house – I know it. It’s your time Jo. And I will never bitch again about housing prices here now that I’ve seen the insanity you have in Australia. Oh – and this LA house is cute – but that kitchen would drive me bonkers, all tucked in a corner like that.

Ginger says:

What a beautiful home! I wish I was in the market; $595K is dirt cheap for CA! Good luck with your home-buying;)

Anonymous says:

i want to move in today! i love it, so simple and perfectly designed…

SWOOON – I love that house, it’s so open and the angles have lots of motion. Great stuff.

Fingers crossed for your Australia home 🙂

Nicola says:

What a wonderful house! It has a warm but clean charisma – love it! 🙂 All the best for you. I keep my fingers crossed for you!

Are the purple/blue trees what other commenters are calling “Jacarandas”? I love the hue mixed with the beautiful green!!

I don’t blame you wanting to transplant the LA house you showcased… love it!! The kitchen could be better, but I there’s nothing like finding a house with a project or two to complete 😉

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