Gluckman Mayner architects

Posted on Thu, 9 Apr 2009 by KiM

When you live in a house totally devoid of any architectural interest, you can easily develop quite an appreciation for the work of great architects, such as Gluckman Mayner Architects based in New York City. Architecture can be very effective when it’s done simply. Take the facade of the white house below. LOVE THAT.

henzy says:

wow.. now this is what i call dream house.. but i think i’d be too afraid to live in it.. wudn’t want to mess up any of the perfection.. but still great to look at..

Anonymous says:

Love it… Have you seen
West Chin’s work?

I have that green pool one saved in my inspiration folder from way back. love their work.

Anonymous says:

a little cold and hard. i like the bar stools in the fifth picture. Does anyone know where they come from? Are they reproductions?

The bathroom spaces are amazing! Thanks fors for sharing.

I never get sick of the womb chair…

What are those amazing wooden armchairs in the fifth photo? Wow.

I love that house with the peaked roof and all of those windows! They look almost haphazard but in the best way possible.

Annie says:

How lovely. And I feel like this house was used during of the seasons of America’s Next Top Model, the pool looks familar to me:

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