Easter reading guide … part 1

Posted on Fri, 10 Apr 2009 by midcenturyjo

Welcome welcome welcome! In what’s become a tradition here at Desire to Inspire it’s time for a holiday reading guide. So many of us throughout the world have a few days off at this time of year and as we all know the blogosphere is deafeningly quiet at holiday time. Now is the perfect time to pour a cup of tea, butter a hot cross bun and settle in for a blogorama overload. Usual story… some are new, some are new to me, some aren’t in english and some aren’t quite interior design blogs but all are wonderful. Ready… steady…. GO!

One guide down and 3 more to go! I’ve been lurking for months and have so much to share. See you tomorrow!

I love finding the blogs for the reading guides and I’m so glad everyone gets a kick out of them. AND there are more to come 🙂

So good to see Kelly + Olive and Modern Homebody on here…two great blogs with fantastic women behind them. I’ve been following and loving them for a bit. In fact, they steered me over here! Um…FANTASTIC.


Bianca says:

Wow thank you for the Mention! It is really an honor to see one of your favorite blogs mention you as a favorite! Have a happy Easter. Thanks for all the other great reads!
~ Love DesignDust

Thanks so much for the mention! I will link your fabulous blog as well 🙂

Hope you are having an amazing Easter weekend…

Miss Jo says:

thank you for the mention! 2 days in the rain loves desire to inspire!


Daniella says:

omg! I almost had a heart attack when I saw my blog on here! lol… thank you SO much! I hope you had a great easter! i’m going to have to take a peek through the others you’ve chose! p.s. i love your blog too, lol.

Muffin says:

I love finding others blogs through blogs I already read. Thanks a million.

We are stoked to have made your Easter reading list. Hope you had plenty of chocolate to feed your reading energy!
Lee Tran

Thank you, Thank you for the mention! It’s a huge compliment coming from someone with such a beautiful blog!♥


Ooo great, more wonderful additions to my ever growing blogroll!

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