Easter reading guide … part 4

Posted on Mon, 13 Apr 2009 by midcenturyjo

I’m exhausted but it was worth it. I’ve overdosed on wonderful blogs but there is always room for just a few more. Find that comfy chair, perhaps a herbal tea and swear to never eat another easter egg again… until next year.

Holy Sh*t! Now we know why our numbers went through the roof today — thanks so much for the mention!

Joy and Janet

Fantastic compilation! Oh I will be busy… some new ones to check out:)

Thank you so much for including my little design blog in this list of such fabulousness. I will link back…

Guy M. says:

Thanks so much for including me – fantastic post! A lovely Easter surprise… keep up all the great work.
Guy, http://www.manmakehome.com

Girls, you rule the blogsphere!!!
Your reading guide is amazing!!!

big kiss to you with TONGUE!!!! thanks so much for the mention! and thanks also for taking the time to find some fab new blogs for ME to read too!!!
love you love you!!

I’ve checked some of these blogs. They are absolutely fantastic! Thanks!!!

thanks for doing this!

always great to get a good tip off!

all the best
david john

joolee says:

thanks for sharing! like i really need more blogs to read… 🙂 oh well, i love it!

tess says:

Thanks Jo!! I’ve bookmarked plenty… so many great finds 🙂

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