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Posted on Fri, 17 Apr 2009 by midcenturyjo

Photographer Joe Schmelzer emailed (love Joe’s work as you can see here and here) to introduce the absolutely amazing lighting collection by Clate Grunden of Treasurbite Design. Clate’s designs celebrate the midcentury aesthetic. His papyrus lights are a more textural, earthy interpretation of familar classic shapes while his ceramic lamps are influenced by brutalist sculptural pieces. What is just as stunning is the styling and photography on the website. I love that each piece is the centrepiece of an amazing room. The whole thing has me swooning and I almost lifted every photo from the site!. Of course Joe’s connection is the photography which he shares with Noah Webb. If midcentury is your poison and if funky-chic pushes your buttons then these pieces are perfect for you.

Soooo nice!!

Hugs! Jannice

wow, they’re gorgeous. i especially like the oblong pendants.

Beautiful, loving the mirror effect in the second last picture!

clorivak says:

Those hanging lamps are just unbelievable! I love the atmosphere they create!

kim. says:

Beautiful pendants!!! WOW! They sort of look like wasps nests. And stunning photos of course!

Oh, I really enjoyed these photos!

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