Stoked for summer

Posted on Sun, 19 Apr 2009 by KiM

I hate winter more than I can express in words, and now that summer is right around the corner, I have outdoor spaces on my mind. This lead me to 2Modern‘s shop, where they have a slew of modern outdoor furnishings and accessories. Plastic rugs, chairs, benches, tables, planters – such amazing pieces. Some of my favs are below (click on each to take you to the product page).
(Note: Unfortunately I don’t have time for a Flickr Finds post this weekend as I am trying to get my bedroom furnished. As comfy as my new sofa is, I am a little tired of sleeping on it.)

We are thinking quite alike…
I just posted about gardenrooms indoors and out. Why don’t you have a look, if you like? I have been a follower since I found your blog, truly following you motto: desire to inspire! You do inspire!

Francine says:

More advertising. Ick. We want flickr favourites!!

Amy says:

Love that planter!

Anonymous says:

Just got home from traveling and I vote you the blog of the week! Thanks for providing such great inspiration on this night of R&R!

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