Frances Herrera

Posted on Mon, 20 Apr 2009 by KiM

Frances Herrera is a NYC based designer and “whether she is designing a modern, contemporary or traditional space, her philosophy remains the same, to create comfortable, livable spaces with an understated and sophisticated edge”. She sent us along some before and after photos showcasing her incredible transformation of the living/dining area, kitchen and bathroom of a NYC apartment. She’s got such a great eye, and this contemporary redo is proof. (Thanks for sharing with us Frances!)

It’s the artwork in the living room that’s got me excited!

Anonymous says:

No, no, no!! She took all the charm out of that apartment. How could someone tear out that beautiful bathroom tile? and the charming keyhole framing the kitchen? There is nothing unique or interesting about what she’s done here.

Beautiful art work!

Anonymous says:

I think that keeping the tiles is what it’s not original. don’t you think? You see those everywhere.

Those floor tiles certainly are. The wall tiles, probably not. They would have been the squared edge subway tile if they were installed at the same time as those floor tiles.

Those floor tiles have been remanufactured by a few companies and have regained popularity.

paula says:

love the clean lines in the kitchen. very lovely.

KimRo says:

I just dig the before and after shots…

♥ Katie says:

Haha, I have already got my ideas for my bedroom and now I think my bathroom is due a make over, this interior is beautiful! xx

Anonymous says:

Townhouse Lady–not necessarily true on the wall tiles. It depends on how old the bathroom is. In the ’30s, square tiles were often used with black trim just like that. I’d bet all that tile was laid at the same time.

i totally love a great before and after piece… the transformation is amazing!

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