Evan’s incredible loft….and a dilemma

Posted on Tue, 21 Apr 2009 by KiM

Evan emailed us looking for some help. Knowing our readers, I’m sure there will be lots of great advise provided that he can run with – just wait till you see what he’s working with!

Evan just moved to downtown Los Angeles and he’s facing his usual dilemma – he starts off strong and then doesn’t know how to finish. “As usual I rushed into buying things that I wish I could replace but that will have to wait. My problem is I always end up at this point and don’t know how to finish or were to go from here. I know something HUGE over the sofa will help and the building offers to paint two walls…should I take them up on their offer and most important – which two walls and what color? FYI: It’s only been two months and I’m already looking to replace the dining table, cocktail table and entry hall table. I am notorious for rushing into things especially when I’m on a budget.”

I was rendered speechless when I saw Evan’s photos. The space ROCKS, and I love just about every piece of his furniture. So how about I show you all the photos, then I’ll give my 2 cents and I’d love it if you guys could pipe in with ideas for Evan as well.

First thing is I would definitively paint 2 walls out, especially if the building is offering. I would paint the wall your sofa is on, and the long wall opposite up to the bathroom. (I’m guessing that area is the bedroom?) I do agree that something really large over your sofa would be great to really showcase the height and size of the space. If you want the sofa wall to be a bit of a bold accent colour then perhaps you should chose some artwork and then choose a wall colour that will highlight the art. The loft seems to get so much light from those windows, so you might even be able to get away with a dark colour, like a chocolate brown for drama. Or even black!! That being the case I’d chose artwork on the lighter side. The other wall I would do a concrete grey because I am a huge fan of grey as a neutral. It will go with everything. As for the furniture I agree about losing the dining table…and chairs. They look way too small and insignificant. I like the rest of the furniture ALOT, but the console table with the mirror above – I’d paint that out black. It looks too traditional with the rest of your furniture. While you’re at it paint out the mirror too. 🙂 A huge rug in the living room and another under your dining table and you’ll be good to go!

I think I’ll stop there and turn it over to everyone else. (Thanks for sharing your home with us Evan! Hope we can help!)

Evan says:

Thanks everyone,

I’m finding your comments very helpful I just wish I would have asked for help earlier and not wasted so much money… oh well, it’s only furniture, I guess it’s time to hit the flea markets.

Thanks again and keep those comments coming.

Kimbydee says:

Evan, I love your place! I would definitely have the wall behind the sofa painted black or dark grey, then on the long wall opposite I think a terra cotta or similar earthy, dark color that will go with your headboard and tie in the earth tones in the living room. I’d go with eames type chairs for your dining table in maybe blue, like the headboard. Then I’d paint the entry table a white gloss to stand out on the dark wall and then paint the mirror some kind of wild color to match whatever artwork or fabric you hang over the sofa. Oh yea, I forgot, if you’re on a budget I’d find a great fabric that you love and stretch it like a canvas. If you’re the artistic type maybe you could paint an abstract on an oversized canvas. If you have the money you could just buy one that speaks to you! Once again, you have a great beginning and the place looks like it won’t take much to become something you really love.

Rachel says:

Okay, the first thought that came into my mind was “Shut up”. Evan, your space is beautiful! I love that bombe chest you have in front of the window!!

Having lived in a loft myself, the first thing I would tell you to do is to get a rug!!! A neutral, simple rug – but make sure your furniture is at least half-on it. It will help soften up the space, and help with the echo.
Also, I would paint at least the wall behind your sofa – I think it will help define that space (which was a problem for me in my loft). I do like the dining table, but am not so crazy about the chairs as they do appear a little small-ish. I like Arroyo’s idea of keeping them for guests, though. I would get 2 big fabulous chairs and make it a table for 2. For your entry table and mirror, I’d paint the table like a charcoal or something. It’s less expected than black, but still neutral. And if you like color, you may consider painting the mirror a bright color- maybe like the color of your headboard?? Just make sure it’s a shiny finish. For both of those, you could use spray paint.

Hope this helps!!! Your place is so awesome already! Good luck!

Virginia says:

WOW. I think it’s lovely. Such great pieces. That bed is to-die-for.

Sam says:

I really love the headboard. I think considering the open floor plan you have done a pretty wonderful job. I would add some paint and possibly a big bright canvas…


Sam @PrettyLovely

Tasha says:

The wall behind your sofa needs to be red–well, not red–crimson. Deep but not too dark. It’ll make the sofa pop and look much richer.

I love red with pale blue…if I had photoshop on this computer I’d put that in so you could see.

It’s an absolutely beautiful space, though. Don’t have too much remorse! Find small accessories to change things a bit…small pillows, or statues, or odd curiosities. Keep poking around until you find things you love.

Scott says:

Evan, I see absolutely nothing wrong with your space which should be ever evolving and never finished as long as you’re living there.

Please contact me for: “HUGE over the sofa”.


best regards,


sarah ss says:

gorgeous space!
artwork. that’s all, seriously. really splendid place!

stella says:

i absolutely LOVE your space and i second the ideas of a large neutral rug and a huge canvas behind the sofa.

i know i will be in the minority here, but i actually like the dining chairs and all the leather–it’s a very refined version of a bachelor pad.

i’d get rid of the entry table and move the bombe chest in its place. i’d put something lower in its place under the window. i like the coffee table and can’t quite make up my mind on the dining table because i don’t know what the base looks like (the round shape and black color seem to work well though).

the rest is totally awesome! and keep the mirror gold–it’s unexpected and fresh. (if you spray-paint it it would feel dated in another two months and then you’d have to replace the mirror too.)

Yep – switch out the bombe chest with brown one and paint the mirror frame black. With floor kind of dark I think maybe right wall could be pale blue like bed headboard. Also other long wall on left should be charcoal grey or maybe darker blue, or even a pomegranate red so chinese chest can pop (some reds do go with blue well) ~ Definitely a BIIIG pic over sofa or a triptych…. do it yourself is a great project and simply something to look at everyday and be proud of ,plus would give you a boost to start your days ! Good luck ! I cannot wait to see whatcha do with it – It is a great space ~

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