What to do with a suspended fireplace

Posted on Thu, 23 Apr 2009 by KiM

Abena wrote us with a design dilemma she thought we could help her with. “I would love a post on how to decorate around those weird hanging fireplaces from the 60s and 70s. My husband and I are moving into a new (rental) apartment in June with one. I attached a photo from a similar apartment (w/my hubby in it, who you can see needs lots of space).

Our fireplace is rounder with no base in a larger, long room. It is also hanging near the back wall between a balcony with large sliding doors, but there is also a floor to ceiling window to the right. I would love something like what was achieved in this Richard Powers photograph.

Except our view is not quite as stunning, nor is the scary black fireplace in a nice symmetrical location. My husband just says we should put a tall plant in front of it and forget about it, but I think we should do more!” And I agree with you. Why not just place a couple mid-century chairs around it and make it a little conversation area? I found some photos of suspended fireplaces that hopefully will give you some ideas. For the record, I always wanted one and am REALLY jealous.

abigail says:

I love those fireplaces and am completely jealous of anyone who has one. (even though we have a regular fireplace!)
Great photos, I hope Abena is inspired.

I agree with abigail.. I love the fire places as well.. and am envious!

Hard to choose, all lovely though Jonathan Adler would be my first choice!

Beautiful hunt Kim.

Cute fireplace AND husband 🙂

Capree says:

Are you kidding? I would die to have this “dilemma”! Oh man, I’m so jealous right now! 😀

Peggy says:

Very interesting dilemma and fascinating inspiration! I hope Abena will provide photos of how she decides to decorate.

Maybe you could put one of those large standing mirrors on the other side of the window and low modern sofa or chairs. Like Bo Concept or so…and an area rug, bit crazy modern, maybe skin hide … low table if there is space. or just large floor cushions!
Good luck!

Diana says:

I absolutely LOVE the suspended fireplaces! Total eye candy for me today – thanks for assembling such a fabulous array of decorating ideas. Truly inspiring!

Tami says:

I’ve always wanted one of those fireplaces. I often wonder how I can tear out my standard fireplace to get one of those. Great pictures!

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