Flickr finds – vintage fans

Posted on Sun, 3 May 2009 by KiM

Alex. says:

There was an old fan left behind by the previous owners of our house. We found it in the shed. it’s not as old as some of the ones here, but I still loved it so much that I drew it!

You can have a peek at it here if you like:

Now I wish I hadn’t given mine away! Alex your art work is so cool!!

Oooh! These are lovely. I am crazy for vintage fans. They aren’t easily available here so in the end, I settled for a new fan that was made to look vintage.

When I was a kid we had one of these vintage fans and I was always afraid I would trip and get my finger cut off by the open fan. LoL
But they are very cool looking..
xoxo Nita

i love vintage fans! i have 2 of them and wish i had more…i’m planning on collecting them once we have a garage to put them in…a few of them rattle and make ricketty noises so what better place than a garage! (which i plan on using as my hangout spot so i can listen to records and make stuff.)

AMR says:

I love how dangerous fans used to be.
The propeller/blade is so protected on them now.
Pfft. 🙂

gotta love vintage fans…i have two that i love dearly.

it’s about time for us to buy some fans for the house and i usually hat the way they look. this is good inspiration to try to find something better (assuming they’ll work!)

I love meeting others who share the same sentiments I do about vintage fans…and their subsequent fan clubs. Thank you for the wonderful surprise to see mine included in the lovely round-up!

Anonymous says:

I like the real vintage fans. I hate fake ‘vintage’ fans. They’re tacky.

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