An interview by Manvi

Posted on Wed, 6 May 2009 by KiM

Just a quick note before I go chillax on my sofa after a rough day at work (nah, not really) that our blogger buddy Manvi of Mochatini has posted an interview of Jo and I and she did such a wonderful job that I had to plug it. So go check it out HERE! (Thanks Manvi, you’re the best!)

kim. says:

Thank you Nuit, and feel free to comment again! We love to hear from y’all!

Great interview, BTW !!

iLa says:

Interesting interview! So nice to get to know you and the story behind your blog better.

OMG! Seeing a pic of Jo has made my day! Luv you two.

Ah Kim, sure one day you will give Slices of Beauty the makeover she needs!

manvi says:

Thanks Kim and Jo for sharing! . We love you!

Dr Silver says:

You Guys Rock!!!!!

Jac says:

you DO inspire the world!
(or at least my world)

Marybeth says:

Thank you both for doing a great blog. OK, so who knew that you have never met each other. Soul sisters…and Miss Ottawa? Life is short, move to a warmer climate if you hate the winter. I lived in Toronto last year and couldn’t wait to get back to the Lone Star State, Texas. Warmth is a good thing.
Again, a big thanks to you both for fabulous inspiration each morning. You and a cup of coffee? What more do I need?

Minnie says:

Yes! Ditto to all the kudos. I read you guys all the time, have been for about two years. It was cool to find out a little more about you ladies and how you put this wonderful blog together. I know I can always count on you for my daily dose of beautiful design. Thank you tons!

Anonymous says:

You guys rock! Everyday everyway it is top shelf room porn.

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