David Carter

Posted on Thu, 7 May 2009 by KiM

David Carter is an interior designer based in London, and his portfolio has some of the most dramatic and theatrical designs I think I’ve ever seen. “The qualities that define a Carter interior are glamour, luxury and wit, but this is also combined with an uncompromising commitment to quality and a sharp eye for detail. He loves mixing old and new, and he is equally adept at conjuring up all the theatrical flamboyance of a Marie Antoinette-inspired boudoir as he is masterminding the muted machismo of a Bond-esque bachelor pad. He has designed DARK rooms which provide an entrancingly seductive sanctuary from the world, and LIGHT rooms which seem to dance with an ethereal other-worldliness. All share his bold romantic vision.” I commend him on his fearlessness. Life is too short to live in a home filled with nothing but blah. Blah is for sissies.

all of these spaces are so luxurious and rich in detail.

Stunning photos. The last bathroom picture I especially like. And that wood filled fireplace, wow!

OOOOhhhhh; the attic bedroom!

Anonymous says:

Original and fantastic. The tub reflecting the graphic floor is genius.

Naomi says:

Love those big drum chandeliers over the end tables! (Living Room, 7th row down) And the sideboard to the right…. yummmm

Charlotte says:

Love, love me do…oh how I love you! I just want to be a drummer in a rock n roll band.

David Carter says:

Gosh… don't know what to say except a big thank you to everyone for all those lovely comments!!

David Carter

apple mac says:

OMG … This is like… amaazing. Just like WOW!!!!!

Justin says:

Davey that is simply fabulous. I love the warmth in that nice floor. Yummy I like very much

Sheila Becky says:

O M Globb!! This is majestic as fudge and I'm being super cereal!!! Thank you Davey. 😉

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