Flickr finds – entryway/landing strip

Posted on Sun, 10 May 2009 by KiM

maureen says:

love the first pic the best. That bold color & pattern is an eye-popper!

Concha says:

Ohh… gorgeous examples of entryways!

Thank you for featuring my own (the 2nd one).

Have a nice week!

Elyse says:

So many great ideas! Thank you! =)

Great collection. The first interior is interesting. One wouldn’t think a red and white lattice-work wall design would work in a hallway, but this one does. The touches of yellow definitely finish it off.

And what can one say about Kimt’s “The Kiss’ except it being exceptional.

GREAT post. love an entry with purpose AND pizzaz.
and its kLimt. not kimt. sorry. had to.

I love the colours and the retro feel of some rooms. Great!

hey anyone know the wallpaper in kellylj entryway?


Anonymous says:

Great post. Have been on the lookout for some entryway ideas for my place. Thanks!

Just one question though, does it seem to anyone else that a few of the doors in the photos wouldn’t be able to open fully due to tables in the way?


All things so lovevy!


Oh wow! The first entryway is mine! I am so excited and grateful to be included on your blog! The lattice entry was a labor of love. I am happy to say that my door opens all the way with the table there, even with a vase full of flowers! The picture is deceiving! Thanks, love your blog. So many great images!

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