A high-five for Pia

Posted on Tue, 12 May 2009 by KiM

Pia’s book Paris: Made by Hand appeared in my mailbox today and I had to give her props again for it’s launch. It’s her first book and I hope not her last! The photos are stunning and moody, and I now want to book a flight to Paris. Gorgeous! Congrats Pia!!

Anthony says:

Nice book. Wonder why can i get it in Malaysia

Love the photo with the bed and all the flower lighting above it! Superb range of photos!

Sim says:

You know, to be honest, I really don’t know what the fuss is about with this book? It has me stumped. I’ve read about it on countless blogs, but to me the photos that I’ve seen don’t say anything. I’m much happier with the photos that I see on desire to inspire and other blogs. I stand to be corrected and will hopefully see a copy soon, but let me know if anyone else agrees! I would find it very interesting to know!

kim. says:

Frankly Sim, Pia is a friend of ours and we are very excited to support her new book. I do not want this post to be a forum for negative comments so if anyone agrees with Sim, this is not a place to carry on a discussion about it. Feel free to leave gushing positive comments though!

I love my copy. Congratulations Pia!

Sim, Pia is a lovely person who not only is super talented but who has worked hard to build genuine “blog” frienships. The reason that she has been everywhere is because not only is the book cool and full of great tips but because she is a savvy business woman and a genuine person.

pia says:

thank you kim and jo! for the post and for the support. you are wonderful. px

pia says:

PS Anthony – I’m not sure if it will be in bookstores in Malaysia yet, but it is online at Amazon and other places. I hope you find it!

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