Jansje Klazinga

Posted on Tue, 12 May 2009 by KiM

Jansje Klazinga is a photographer from Amsterdam whose portfolio I’d like to share with you all, as her skills allow some quirky interiors to come alive with tons of character. (Luuuuuv the stairs in #2!)

LOoooooooooooooooove your blog!

I just added it to my blog list. (If you don not want so please inform me)

Keep up the great work.

I like seeing actual people in the pictures…it makes me believe that they’re livable spaces!!

Nice post. 🙂

Another amazing space! Love the fixture above the table in the first image and stairs in this space are amazing.

Great images. Love!

Meagan says:

Ummm…I love that painting in the image 3rd from the bottom. I think I need that. How would one find out who painted it?

Michelle says:

You always have such inspiring images! That kitchen is superb, and the one with the yellow chair…retro yet traditional…very nice. Thanks for sharing.

Christy says:

I love the license plate artwork!

JansjeJKF says:

Thanks everyone for complimenting my work!
Meagan: the painting is actually a photo by Margriet Smulders


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