Dreaming with Damian Russell

Posted on Wed, 13 May 2009 by midcenturyjo

Sometimes when the world is grey and mundane you need a dose of hyper reality to jolt your senses. Photographer Damian Russell did just that to me today. My senses are overloaded with the saturated colour, the clarity, the light. There is something unreal about the composition. The photos transport you to a fantasy world of beautiful rooms and fabulous lives. I want to be there, to own these spaces, to move from the mundane to the dream. Damian just through his lens makes me feel that way.

Tasha says:

I love the lights above the bed, but the practical side of me is saying that they’re hung far too low–you couldn’t have any decent sex without someone bumping their head!

OOOOlala! I loved these shots, the colors, the patterns – truly eye candy.

Michelle says:

That first shot of the blue chaise witht he picture mural is amazing…thanks.

Kiley says:

I think every single one of these is going in the FAVOURITE folder. First time I’ve felt a connection with decor shots in a long long while. :D!!! thanks!!!!

Mimi says:

Great photos! I like the black and white pick and the picture just below…I really love that the doors are also covered in this very cool mural. This photographer turned ordinary “stuff” into beautiful!

Ahhh, my fav blog has done it again. You’ve blown me away. Love this post, so colorful and love the chairs with the dress!!

kim. says:

Such dramatic photos!

SCISI says:


these are all crazy beautiful.. it would be near impossible to pull them off in real life but he makes it look almost easy! almost.

great post!

I'm in love with all the COLORS in this post. The collage of photographs always works for me…!!

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