A bold and beautiful kitchen reno

Posted on Thu, 14 May 2009 by KiM

I wanted to share an email and some photos with you all from a DTI reader: “I am Dana from Romania, one of your avid readers for some time now, and I have to tell you that www.desiretoinspire.net helped me with a lot of inspiration for my new apartment 🙂 When I saw your post about Daniel and Helene Gauthier’s kitchen in acid green, I was awed by the resemblance with my new kitchen furniture, so I waited to finish it completely, and then I just had to show you how it turned out :). I wanted to use this vivid color in my kitchen for a very long time, but my former kitchen was to small, and I was afraid it will look crowded. Now I have a larger kitchen (I transformed one bedroom into kitchen), so I could play with colors easily! I used white on walls and floor and chairs (Panton), but I needed more color so I added a pink fridge and a pink KitchenAid and some more pink details.” What a gorgeous kitchen Dana has created – the pink and green is fabulous together and it looks like such a fun space to hang out and cook in. The random green tile in the backsplash is such a cute touch and she is SOOO lucky to have a pink Smeg fridge! I love it all! To see more of her kitchen and her new apartment check out her blog here and here. (Thank you for sharing with us Dana!)

Oh my. So pretty!

What a fun color combination for a kitchen!

I did a recent post on these Smeg retro applicances, love them!

i love the fridge!! where did you get it?

Dana says:

Kim: Thanks for posting my photos 🙂 So nice to see my kitchen here 🙂

Bubblegum Smurf: i bought the pink fridge from Romania, where i live 🙂 I was actually lucky, they started to import it right before i moved in into the new apartment.

Dana that is my FAVOURITE colour green!

Lora Carr says:

Yummy! How fabulous to have that amazing shade of green welcoming you every morning.

Dana says:

I’ve added a link to the post on shopaholic.ro: http://www.shopaholic.ro/2009/05/featured-in-desiretoinspirenet.html

Naomi says:

Wow wish I could be this bold! Looks great. Love the lime green with soft pink. I would never think to do that.

Wow, great job Dana!
it’s so easy to be safe, but so rewarding to be bold.
Great result, you must smile everyday going in that kitchen!

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