Battersby Howat

Posted on Fri, 15 May 2009 by KiM

I thought I’d end off the work week with a post similar to Jo’s below, that is all about views. The Vancouver architecture, interior and landscape design firm of Battersby Howat knows how to take full advantage of views. Stunning!

Mimi says:

The view….it’s breathtaking. It’s like living in tree house.

totally surrounded by nature, i would never leave that house! oh and that concrete deck that points out the ocean like the bow of a ship, that space in particular i would never leave. i’d be that cat. 🙂

Beth says:

That is truly my dream house, but the last photo, from the street, couldn’t possibly be the same house, could it?

I used to live in Seattle, very close to Vancouver. That area of the world is truly incredible, and it's great to see an architect that understands and takes advantage of that fact. If any of you have seen Twilight, it actually reminds me quite a lot of the Cullen house. I know they shot it in Vancouver, and can't help wondering if perhaps it's of the same provenance…
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea 🙂

Oh my that first photo! Amazing spaces.

Really inspiring!

Architecture that literally takes your breath away!

Love these, especially the house with the cool poolarea!

karola says:

just plain awesome!

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