Flickr finds – daybeds

Posted on Sun, 17 May 2009 by KiM

Thanks for posting these! I was searching Craigslist last night for beds for the guest bedroom in our new apartment — this has been really inspiring.

oh, how lovely! best post yet!

wow!! these day beds look lovely.. there are quite a few inspiration here.. Thanks

Hehe there’s my daybed and the room looks nothing like that now! Must take more photos. Love all those vintage Ercol ones.

I love glamorous day beds!

Day beds can be so stylish. Without this post, I’d have forgotten that. Thank you.

Nuit says:

I love every single one of them… specially xjavierx. Thanks!!!

Love the blue bamboo one – where could I find something like this? I’ve been looking for a bed for my son’s room and this would be perfect!

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