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Posted on Mon, 18 May 2009 by KiM

Lisa Skelton founded her interior design and styling firm in 2006, but began her career as a textile designer. A bit countrified, a bit rustic, and very casual, her designs are traditional, classic, pleasing to the eye, and couldn’t be any cozier.

(On a side note, I’d like to wish all my fellow Canadians a happy Victoria Day. This long weekend is supposed to signify the beginning of summer and it usually consists of cottage parties and lots of beer, but this weekend has been FREEZING here. Such a bummer.)

leni says:

i’m loving the chandelier in the bathroom!

What creative & inspiring pictures!! Yes.. I love the chandelier in the bathroom as well… I love the third pic!!

Also.. the purple, red & pink.. looks superb together..

I think all these interiors are lovely, but especially the bench with the red cushions. I think it’s because of the painting, which looks sort of “ordinary” – like you’ve seen similar lots of times before? It’s sort of reassuring, and it makes the image look not over-styled…

Natasha says:

I like the idea of using an old wooden chair as a side table.

Lovely spaces. Casually elegant.

Emily says:

The chandelier in the bathroom is amazing! What a delightful touch! -e

BC Bridgette <;P says:

Freezing for you Canadian Easterners: Hot & Sunny for us Westerners (well, BC Okanaganers!). Great post as usual.

Yes, this has been a really cold and NON-spring-like Victoria Day weekend. I planted my containers, and then stuck them in the garage till it gets warmer!!

I really like all of Lisa’s rooms that you posted. My favourite is the picture of the timber frame space with the red brick around the lower walls. It’s quite a unique look, and just exudes warmth — something we’re seriously lacking in Ottawa at the moment!! 😉

Kelly @ DesignTies

I love how these rooms are the perfect mix of modern and country. It feels warm and cozy without being kitsch. I really like the all off white eating area.

Christine baker says:

Such beautiful choices of colour and sense of harmony in each room. Inspirational designs for both traditional and modern tastes. Unlike most designers, Lisa makes it possible with her unique ideas, to transform any room with minimal changes for the biggest impact. I will certainly be incorporating lots of your ideas into my French country cottage.
Christine Baker, Brittany ,France

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