Jordi Canosa

Posted on Tue, 26 May 2009 by KiM

Jordi Canosa is a photographer from Barcelona who has captured some of the most extraordinary spaces. From rustic villas to modern lofts, his photos are magical and take my breath away. So much so in fact, that this post is based on his more organic spaces, and tomorrow I’ll feature some of the modern spaces he’s photographed. Take a deep breath….and dig in….

Margo says:

I do think this dwelling lends itself to beautiful photos, but as I take a closer look at the types of seating and storage, I think I would not like to live here. Those mismatched cupboard doors in the kitchen, where one door is made of much more weathered wood look awful in my opinion. And would the weathered, greyer door fall apart sooner?

Bev Yoki says:

Love the designs—the sitting rooms are lovely. Love the rustic appeal!

Wow! now I feel homeless. But I aspire, You’ve a wonderful blog.

Colin says:

How good are these pictures! I am glad someone wants to show photos of something with soul. These are lovely crafted by hand and natural homes. Wonderful.

holly says:

These are lovely.

George says:

Is it me or do i see rustic influence from the Mediterranean , India, Middle East and Tuscany?!
Amazing !

Dair T'arg says:

Wow! That's awesome!

Ellie says:

I would love love love to see the outside of this home !

Very earthy and beautiful house.

Avianti says:

This is such a cool house! I wonder what their backyard or front yard look like!

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