Sandra’s dining room makeover

Posted on Tue, 26 May 2009 by KiM

Sandra sent us an email the other day with a project she wanted to share: “In the past you’ve posted pics of my cats Lulu & Schmoo (see here and here) & I recently finished redoing the small dining rm in my 1st ever home & thought I’d share. The before pic shows how the dining room is located just off the kitchen. I’m not sure why, but previous owners put a ceiling fan way off center in the room. Because the hole made in the ceiling to accommodate the fan could not be easily covered up, I decided to just put 2 lights over the dining table (even though I originally wanted just 1). It took about 7 months to complete only because I waited for each piece in the room to go on sale. The only things I was willing to pay full price for was the pottery by a local potter, Charlie Tefft:”. What fantastic choices she made – particularly the Marais chairs and pendants. LOOOOOVE the yellow!!! Great job Sandra and thanks for sharing it with us!

Beautiful. I love all the shots of yellow!

Jac says:

great chairs,
but that wall color/texture looks really 80’s.

I’d love to see a very pale blue/green and lose the dingy brown.

Anonymous says:

yeah, the walls REALLY need to change.

Anonymous says:

Thanks for the kind words. The wallpaper is from the previous owner- it’s actually torn pieces of handmade paper that has little flecks of bronze. In the photos it looks like a sad faux paint job but in person it’s surprisingly nice. Not sure what to do w/it yet–all advice welcome. -Sandra

Peggy says:

Wow. What a difference. I especially love the carefully chosen accessories.

hmm, that makeover is fabulous! i am intrigued by the neutral palette thrown off by the metal yellow chairs and those hanging lights over the table. punches of color in perfect spots!

Anonymous says:

This looks great! Where did you get the rug?

Anonymous says:

Rug came from if you sign up to their email list you get an instant coupon & they're good about sending sales/promos. Got the rug w/a 20% discount by waiting for a sale. -Sandra

Jim says:

Hi, everyone:

Sandra happens to be my wife and love of my life. I can tell you first hand that most of your comments are spot-on! I’m beaming with pride in my bride!

The wallpaper/collage is actually quite beautiful in person. I didn’t know what to think of it at first, but it really grows on you.
Thanks for all your kind words.


Manvi says:

Lovely! I love how you used two lights instead of one. I too have an off centered light in my dining room and this seems like the perfect solution. could you share the approx dimensions of the room?
great work!

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