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Sandra’s dining room makeover

Posted on Tue, 26 May 2009 by KiM

Sandra sent us an email the other day with a project she wanted to share: “In the past you’ve posted pics of my cats Lulu & Schmoo (see here and here) & I recently finished redoing the small dining rm in my 1st ever home & thought I’d share. The before pic shows how the dining room is located just off the kitchen. I’m not sure why, but previous owners put a ceiling fan way off center in the room. Because the hole made in the ceiling to accommodate the fan could not be easily covered up, I decided to just put 2 lights over the dining table (even though I originally wanted just 1). It took about 7 months to complete only because I waited for each piece in the room to go on sale. The only things I was willing to pay full price for was the pottery by a local potter, Charlie Tefft: http://www.ctpottery.com/”. What fantastic choices she made – particularly the Marais chairs and pendants. LOOOOOVE the yellow!!! Great job Sandra and thanks for sharing it with us!

Jordi Canosa

Posted on Tue, 26 May 2009 by KiM

Jordi Canosa is a photographer from Barcelona who has captured some of the most extraordinary spaces. From rustic villas to modern lofts, his photos are magical and take my breath away. So much so in fact, that this post is based on his more organic spaces, and tomorrow I’ll feature some of the modern spaces he’s photographed. Take a deep breath….and dig in….

Here’s the first of interior designer Jason Martin’s DIY+ makeovers of readers’ homes. Let’s start with Adrena’s notes.

This is the space we need help with, our living room/dining room area. My dilemma is that the whole room feels so cold and unwelcoming. It is the first room you see when you walk into our home and the only place we have to gather as a family and entertain (we have a three year old daughter). We’ve already collected a few Danish Modern pieces (credenza and dining set), and hope to add more. We love this style and feel it works well with our home, which was built in 1954. The room is 27 feet long and 15 feet wide, (the dining room is slightly less wide). A few things to note are that there are seven windows in the room, and deciding on window treatments has been a big issue! Also some type of concealed toy/book storage would be great. Overall we’d love a warm, welcoming room furnished in Midcentury modern style. We need it all – paint colors, rug, new seating and window treatments and accessories. One sofa I love is the ‘Petrie’ model from Crate & Barrel. I should add that I’m a photographer and we love displaying family photos! Help! I have always wanted to walk into this room and say, “WOW!”

On a personal note, this home is very special because it is the home where my husband grew up.

And here’s what Jason came up with for Adrena. Let’s drop in on their consultation.

Floor Plan-
I think the room is basically laid out the best way possible. There is not enough room to float the sofa but have you tried chairs in the middle of the space to delineate the living and dining rooms?

“No we haven’t – are willing to try – possibly two smallish chairs?”

Chairs-See below for single chair opt and for a pair of chairs.

Sofa – If you can only fit one chair on the opposite wall, I might suggest a sectional where your sofa is now. If you have space for two chairs, you could go with one of the two traditional sofa options.

For the sofa and chairs-if you are looking for other options look for pieces that have high legs and thin arms. It gives more of a mid-century look and keeps the upholstery from making the room too heavy.

Coffee table – There is an opt for a traditional style coffee table but if you like you might try a set of ottomans, these rattan stools small or tables/stools like the Eames style pieces. This option would allow for extra seating and mobility in the space.


New storage under TV

Windows and walls

Note on rugs-

Since this is one open space used for two functions the best way to break it up is with rugs. My suggestion is to use a rug for each space but buy the same pattern for both. It with delineate the living room from the dining room without adding too much visual noise. You want the rug to be big enough for the front 3rd of the sofa to sit on it as well as the chairs-smaller will not anchor the room enough.

For accessories

I have made four different color stories here. You can keep thinks pared down and monochromatic buy sticking to just one color group or mix and match from each.

Accessories Options

Dining Room

I like the table and chairs and think they work great for the overall feel you want. If you want to change the hanging fixture here are a few options as well as some thoughts on upholstery fabric for the seats.

Dining Room Layout

Is the table/buffet group of center because off the door way or can it be centered in the space?*

“It can be moved over just a bit, but it does block the doorway to the kitchen somewhat”

Dining Room

I would go monochromatic with the major pieces of the room (rug, sofa, chairs and wall color). When trying to make one space function in two ways (living/dining) don’t think of monochromatic as matchy-matchy think of it as paring down the visual noise in such and open space. Focus on similar colors but vary the textures and patterns. In this space I think a cool grey is the best option to make the mid-century colors pop. Since Adrena needs a rug in the living area and one in the dining area my suggestion is to use two of the same design to stick with the monochromatic idea. I promise it won’t look bland.

Carter Williamson at it again

Posted on Mon, 25 May 2009 by KiM

Shaun Carter of Australian architectural firm Carter Williamson sent us photos of their latest project. We’ve posted their work a few times in the past (see here, here and here) and this project, the Annandale house, finished this past Friday and it’s fab. Modern, yet playful and energetic.

Rachel Vigor

Posted on Mon, 25 May 2009 by midcenturyjo

Bright, happy, snappy and modern. These rooms styled by Rachel Vigor are wow and now. If you’re young or young at heart these spaces will brighten your day. Like so many great Aussie stylists Rachel is right on the money with her looks.