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A bold and beautiful kitchen reno

Posted on Thu, 14 May 2009 by KiM

I wanted to share an email and some photos with you all from a DTI reader: “I am Dana from Romania, one of your avid readers for some time now, and I have to tell you that www.desiretoinspire.net helped me with a lot of inspiration for my new apartment 🙂 When I saw your post about Daniel and Helene Gauthier’s kitchen in acid green, I was awed by the resemblance with my new kitchen furniture, so I waited to finish it completely, and then I just had to show you how it turned out :). I wanted to use this vivid color in my kitchen for a very long time, but my former kitchen was to small, and I was afraid it will look crowded. Now I have a larger kitchen (I transformed one bedroom into kitchen), so I could play with colors easily! I used white on walls and floor and chairs (Panton), but I needed more color so I added a pink fridge and a pink KitchenAid and some more pink details.” What a gorgeous kitchen Dana has created – the pink and green is fabulous together and it looks like such a fun space to hang out and cook in. The random green tile in the backsplash is such a cute touch and she is SOOO lucky to have a pink Smeg fridge! I love it all! To see more of her kitchen and her new apartment check out her blog here and here. (Thank you for sharing with us Dana!)

Clair Wayman

Posted on Thu, 14 May 2009 by midcenturyjo

What’s fresh, fun, vibrant and colourful? Aussie design portfolios. What’s inspirational, stylish and big on the most bang for your buck? These looks by Aussie based (OK Brit born) stylist and decorator Clair Wayman. It’s all about making your home a reflection of your personality and that doesn’t mean high end design. This super talented stylist (Aussies will recognise her work from Real Living) brings to life real looks that are really inspirational!


Posted on Wed, 13 May 2009 by KiM

I am coming down with something (no surprise as the guy in the cube next to me at work has been off all week with strep throat) so I was looking through my photo stash for a little pick-me-up. Found these from Bolig Magasinet. Now I’m smiling. White spaces with bright hits of colour always manage to get me going.


Posted on Wed, 13 May 2009 by midcenturyjo

Only 2 days left to wrap up your entries to add the + to your house DIY. Interior designer Jason Martin is working his way through all the photos and links he has received and is excited to get down to the business end. To have a chance for him to weave his magic at your place you’ll find the details here and send your entries here.

Semple Brown Design

Posted on Wed, 13 May 2009 by KiM

Semple Brown Design is an architecture and interior design firm based in Denver Colorado whose portfolio is chock full of stunning spaces, both inside and out. Their focus on the incredible landscape creates such breathtaking views that becomes art in each space. Photos like this make me crave a home in the country.