When Swedish isn’t white but bright!

Posted on Tue, 2 Jun 2009 by midcenturyjo

Just when you thought everything Swedish was white along comes this house with more than enough colour to brighten any grey day. OMG! Where to begin! The tiles, the bathrooms, the colour saturated bedrooms, that reading/snoozing/TV watching landing, that LAUNDRY!!!!! Big virtual kisses to Annika for this piece of real estate stalking. A design crazy Scandinavian girl living in Australia, Annika says that this home was done up by a group of interior designers for a show called “Finally Home” on Channel 4. Explains the wide colour palette. I’m still in shock from that laundry.

What’s Swedish for “drool”?

It is so unusual to see published Swedish interior design that isn’t primarily white. This is such a lovely change. It looks like the designers had a lot of fun.

Yes the laundry room is amazing but did anyone else think the bed suspended from the ceiling wasn’t bit amazing as well? I wonder if it swings about when you roll over?

Tricia – Avolli

Anonymous says:

looooove the tiles in the kitchen!

So much beauty!

kim. says:

Gorgeous! It’s a bit too much sensory overload for me but WOW – talk about creative. It’s given me lots of great ideas.

Nice to see the house from “Finally Home” in Sweden. When they did that home on tv, TV4 used items from my little shop. Real fun!

Have a great week!

Anonymous says:

Much as I love the pure white paint pallette used on Scandinavian walls and furnishing, I can't help thinking they can do this because the light at those latitudes is so soft. Consider the harsh Australian light, which even in winter, can light up a north facing room like a truck load of fluro tubes. I think that is why we all intuitively know that the "soft" whites work much better in our conditions.

This is my new IT house….
I love everything about it,fantastic colors, lively, modern, perfectly scaled, live-in friendly, just right.
Everything in it's place and a place for everything!

dana says:

The multi colored decor is so cute and seems like google inspired. Love it so bright and chirpy.

Where can I buy those white letters that are on the shelf? ("Camillas" and "Kontor")…Thanks

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