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Posted on Wed, 3 Jun 2009 by KiM

Jonamor Décor was founded a couple years ago by Jonona Lambert, Principal Designer and Senor Amor, Project Manager. Before beginning the firm, these retro-crazed folks opened a vintage furniture shop called Retropia. I applaud their bold design schemes and their love of vintage. I think with their décor you either love it or hate it. I think the spaces are too quirky and fun not to love. 🙂 (And no, the following photos were not scanned out of one of Jo’s vintage design books.)

Danger says:

So many great things that I don't even know where to start! I think my favorite is the graphic art in the kitchen.

Love the bold colors!

Retrorama! So many things to see and covet. Imagine an office with wall to wall Carrie posters. OMG!

i have to say, i love elements of each space but could i live in that house as is?…probably not. but great inspiration to take away from.

Anonymous says:

there are things here that I like but i'm also feeling a little bit of a creepy weird vibe looking at these rooms

love the homage to carrie office. im certain if i were a writer that would be a very inspirational room to write in. all of the others are pretty cool too. as a child of the 70's i can relate to much of it.

dana says:

NIce colors used in each decor. Thanks for sharing it with us.

It is so heartening to see others so unafraid of colour. That blue particularly catches my eye….

Hi i am a restaurant interior designer. I've seen you post and it is great. the colors and the designs are so attractive. i was thinking to make renovation in my restaurant. i got a greate idea from your blog.

Thank you so much for using our designs in your blog. I am Jonona Amor from Jonamor Decor and you can check out our new blog at
Your blog is such an inspiration!

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