Lisa Cohen

Posted on Wed, 3 Jun 2009 by midcenturyjo

I love photographer Lisa Cohen’s work. (Was it really back in 2007 when I first posted about her?) Navigating my way through her rep’s site I found more of her portfolio and I’m sooooo glad I did. You see I have had several of Lisa’s photos saved as tear sheets and now I’ve found them online. Love the postcards around the door and the the last two photos…. is that my next house? Beautiful beautiful shots.

Lovely photography work. Thanks for sharing. Although, I have to wonder what's up with the particle board ceilings and walls…

wow those are gorgeous. so simple and pretty. love that kitchen with the recessed stove. i am lovin' these cave like kitchens these days.

I love that Lisa always packs some drama into each space!

Elyse says:

So incredibly lovely! =D

anna says:

i love the last picture with the "love" art hanging on the wall!

Blue Muse says:

Fab photos you chose! Love Lisa Cohen! I love the table of goodies next to the tub and that shade of blue in the floor cushions next to the low wooden table is just dreamy!
xo Isa

The dark wall looks lovely!! I also like the textured wall.. Oh and the side table.. (I think!!) Lovely!! Thanks for sharing these..

i want that white kitchen dining set, as is please! that lovely bench seat adds an interesting element to the space.

kim. says:

All of Lisa's photos are stunning. But that second last photo has been a fav of mine since you scanned it from your mag WAY back Jo. LOVE it.

Bernhard says:

Clean up the kitchen before you take a picture!

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