West Chin

Posted on Thu, 4 Jun 2009 by midcenturyjo

Simple clean lines, minimalism with a human touch. It’s difficult to live this lean and stylish but sometimes I crave it. Architect West Chin and his team including wife Roseann Repetti are like sculptors. Their rooms are dramatic yet functional, light filled and spacious. A place for everything and everything is its place. Yes disciplined but definitely dramatic.

Just love these images, great style, really amazing.

Jeroen says:

I think that the photography and the design for this particular project are average at the most

a lot of pictures are either overexposed or underexposed, some unsharp.

Maybe this is what the client requested but I think it is rather dull. Yes it is minimalistic and light filled, but the furniture is a mix of cliches and looks like a random choice from a glossy design magazine. This looks okay for a few years ago.

I took a look at their website and saw they have done better and more interesting projects than this one. For example "Gramercy Home".

So Nice!!
I Like!!


I don't think I could live that clutter-less, either…but it's very nice to look at it and dream. 🙂

leni says:

some of these rooms are very inspiring

Bri says:

I think that the shower might be my favorite part of the whole place – so raw!

kim. says:

I too am frothing over that stone/concrete shower…and the kitchen in the first photo.

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