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Posted on Sun, 7 Jun 2009 by KiM

I have been quite busy around my house (as usual) and because of this I don’t have a Flickr find post for today. Instead I thought I’d show you all one of the projects I have been working on. My backyard. I love LOVE L O V E summer and since it’s so short up here I wanted to put everything else on hold and get going on making my backyard a space I want to hang out in. A couple weeks ago I was out back on my deck and it was HOT. Really hot. The fence surrounding my yard is super tall and there are tall houses and big trees all around so it gets almost no wind and is very sunny all day long. So I decided I wanted a small deck under the 2 trees that shade the back part of the yard. That way when it gets too hot I have a place to chill. My boyfriend came over last weekend to help (thank you Jeff!!!) and we knocked out a deck. Yesterday I bought some plants and got all that in place and VOILA!, I have another place to hang out.

Here’s a “during” photo. I removed all the grass from the spot and dug down a bit because I wanted the deck just hovering over the grass level. (I say I because I did ALL the digging while Jeff built me a cat house/bench for my front porch).

Before you check out the end product, let me warn you to pay no attention to the stuff going on to the left and right of the deck. Those are projects for another weekend.

Yesterday I also did some planting of pots for around the rest of the backyard. It all took about 4 hours and resulted in a bit of a sunburn, some mosquito bites and some aches and pains. It was worth all that. And now you’re all invited over for a BBQ. Bring booze. (Another warning – pay no attention to the peeling mess that is this deck. I’d like to shoot the former owner who thought it was a great idea to paint the deck instead of staining it or just letting it weather. That’s yet another project.)

It's gorgeous Kim. Your signature is now on another corner of your beautiful home. Good going.

kim. says:

I'm so glad you all like my eclectic mish-mash of an outdoor space. Due to the fact that I'm still paying off my fancy new kitchen, the backyard was pretty much an after thought.

Wow, it looks wonderful, well done!!

Looks wonderful!

casapinka says:

ok, i come over for a bbq…this looks GREAT.

kim. says:

Thanks PA, Kim and pink!!

drey says:

kim!!! this looks fantastic! such a fabulous space for your outdoor living! i love how you've chosen colours that pop against the green foliage… love your new deck too! so inspiring.

gridplane says:

I have been looking for some of these Plastic Ikea chairs for about a year (the white ones up top). Does anyone know where to find them?

Manvi says:

Fantastic work Kim (and Jeff)! I love the colors and the deck looks great.

kim. says:

Thanks Manvi and drey!

gridplane – maybe eBay but I don't remmeber what they're called.

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