Pierre-Jean Verger

Posted on Wed, 10 Jun 2009 by midcenturyjo

Swoon. Sigh. Wipe my brow and take a deep breath. I’m totally captivated by French photographer Pierre-Jean Verger or should I say his portfolio. These are strong stylish rooms and Verger captures their spirit so well. Great composition and fabulous light. Divine!

Elyse says:

I am completely in love with the first apartment! Holy crap!!

Anonymous says:

I really like your blog, it has a lot of beautiful/inspiring images but sometimes its lacking of content. For sure the photographter deserved credit for those beautiful images, but won't it be nice if you can also mention the interior designer of those beautiful space?

kim. says:

Lacking content? Unlike some blogs, we ALWAYS credit the origin of EVERY photo we post. And I didn't notice any interior designer listed on this photographer's website, as many of them don't. If ever you're looking for more details on photos we post, we always provide a link.

Love the Rooms!! Love the Stool Collection in the Passage Way, though I do think I would stub my toes every morning on them!!

casapinka says:

ok, i'm totally swiping that pink adobe house from this post.

oh, WOW! That blew my mind…gorgeous, gorgeous,gorgeous.

susieq says:

All those chalky charcoal grays are pure deliciousness. Love his work.

wow! I love all these gray tones.

nice from you

Holy cow that first apartment is gorgeous. Like it stepped straight out of my dreams.

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