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Posted on Thu, 11 Jun 2009 by KiM

I am rushing to get things done because I am heading out to celebrate my cousin’s 16th birthday. Which is crazy because I used to live with her when she was about 2 or 3. So HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY CRISTINA (Dude)!!!

(That’s her on the left with my niece)

In my rush I simply put together some photos from one of my favourite magazine sites – Bolig Magasinet. All kinds of Danish loveliness can be found there – glossy black floors to drool over, pretty outdoor spaces, funky light fixtures, creative and gorgeous kitchens…

Nitasha says:

Your blog is absolutely gorgeous.
I love the B&W floor cover in the Scandinavian kitchen above – it gave me the idea to cover the hideous vinyl floor in our rental's kitchen with a similar surface (we're not allowed any permanent changes unfortunately).

Do you happen to know what this surface is or any ideas for removable surfaces? Thanks!

Simply gorgeous! Some wonderful inspiration here. Thanks for sharing … 🙂

leni says:

Happy birthday to your cousin! The photos are nice inspiration — I especially love the black and white rooms!

isn't it funny how food can be as beautiful as flowers? And I am in love with the exposed dishes in the kichen.

roysie says:

farmhouse sink <3

julia says:

Happy Birthday Dude! Luv ya lots!!!

Rebecca says:

i love that quilt with all the dark colors.. so pretty 🙂

Happy birthday Cristina and I can never get enough of Bolig Magasinet!

Living Etc. and Boligmagasinet are two of my favourite magazines. They're always posting lovely photos without too much fuss and texdt. Love it!

I love the black counter top!I am shopping for one and so far what we like is absolute black in granite but even that it is not absolutely black. kwim? I would LOVE to know the material type that is shows in the black counter top pic. Thanks!

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