Sheer bliss

Posted on Fri, 19 Jun 2009 by midcenturyjo

There was a photographer’s site that led to a rep’s site that led to a photographer’s site that led to an interior designer’s site and then it was a moment that focused in on all things zen and balanced, natural and beautiful. Michaela Scherrer mixes old with new, the simple with the complex and her work is stunning in it’s simplicity. There is a Japanese aesthetic obvious in the clean contemporary lines of her spaces,the contrast of textures. So peaceful.

pamwares says:

I hope your mom is getting better! I wanted to let you know I'm a fan of this blog. Thank you for putting all these home decor together in one place. You have an eye for beautiful design.

So much beauty!
Loving the walls in the spa.

kim. says:

OK – I'm in love with all this! Everything looks so comfy and I love wrinkled linen!! And OMG is that a shallow trough-like sink in the kitchen? HOLY SMOKES!!!

these pics describe my perfect living space: soothing neutrals, casual, unconventional, slightly minimal, organza and linen….plus breezy, open-air living (i feel lucky to already have that part!)

those paintings are so zen, serene.

this is one of the very best posts i've seen on interiors. seriously.

I love all of the neutral linen. It is my very favorite fabric. All crunched up and soft…

sorry to hear about your mom, hope things are better? your photos in this post are completely soothing after my less than perfect start to my day in pouring rain! this home is amazing, urban meets natural chic. i love the neutral palette and the gauzy feel to the linens and curtains, just perfect! happier weekend for you i hope……:)

kim. says:

Thanks for the concern about my mom. She is arrived home yesterday and is on the mend.

Beautiful inspiration as usual…thanks so much! 🙂

Saffronia says:

Thanks for turning me on to this designer. She creates such beautiful, peaceful spaces……I'm all about feeling good inside, and that's how I feel just looking at the pictures.

Lundy says:

I am wondering if the white slipcover porch w/ the concrete block walls is the same material my house is made of, DAC-ART. Looks the same but I don't recognize the setting. I am just finished up and have photo journaled the process…still a lot to do tho.

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