Flickr finds – afghans

Posted on Sun, 21 Jun 2009 by KiM

Oh my god…this was sooooo beutiful…i love this kind of carpens….(have you make all them by our self) have a good sunday

They are all really nice. My favorite is 'fabuless living'.

Joel says:

These are homey and lovely. My mother made one that I still have in my guest room. There is something very charming about having a bit of creature comforts in any space – even a modern one.

I'm trying to convince Kim to learn crochet and make one of her own but she keeps laughing at me.

I have so many of these in my cupboards that I should pull out and start using again. I put them away b/c when we had cats they would get a claw stuck and deform my blankets. Now that we don't have cats I can totally utilize the handmade blankets again. Thanks for reminding me with your post!

I have several of my grandmother's crochet quilts, and they are still colorful and as beautiful today as way back when!

These are so beautiful!

Couldn't resist adding this to our link luv roundup, come take a peek:
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous says:

so jealous of you right now..

just lovely, charming, homey, big fat slices of heaven all these things!
Thanks for sharing!
Alda Duarte

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