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Posted on Tue, 23 Jun 2009 by KiM

Now for more white on white. This time as promised, the work of interior stylist Atlanta Bartlett. GORG!! (Aren’t we all wishing right about now that we had a cottage to do up all white and relaxed like this??!!)

<p>Great styling, wonderful light – it makes you want to move right in.

Wow, here work really is amazing. Thanks for all the lovely inspiration.

I have her books Living with White and Easy Elegance. What a great inspirational couple they make.

To answer your question, yes!!

shira says:

The last room looks just like the loft I designed for myself when I was 10. (Seriously – I drew out a loft apartment that I would live in when I was 10 years old – still have the drawing somewhere). Great space – is the bed made out of piping or painted wood?


I'm just not sold on the white on white. It may look nice in a picture but you can't have white with kids. And white walls shouldn't be anything but flat and not even howie mandel can keep that clean. I mean isn't white just the new olive green? I've painted so many homes olive green in the past four years, and the way trends are now, looks like I'll be painting nothing but white. (boring) I really like this blog but I need to see more with color and less about white, which is like a futon, sounds like a good idea at the time.

Jayne says:

Bliss, thanks Kim.

I got her book,, so light and a lot of wonderful vintage

Laura says:

Oh, I'm in heaven! This style resonates with me so much – and to the other reader who fears using white around kids, after teaching preschool for years I can say the answer is washable fabrics + bleach or hydrogen peroxide! Honestly, no matter what colors you use, around kids you just have a lot of cleaning to do – and some colors and prints can be even more trouble to clean than plain white!

What I love about using white in a home is that it becomes all about the textures and light, which can be really lovely. Thank you for posting this 🙂

Geisslein says:

I really love her style!

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