Elliston Lutz

Posted on Fri, 26 Jun 2009 by KiM

Happy Friday everyone. I thought I’d leave you with some attention-grabbing photography by Elliston Lutz. Have a fabulous weekend!

everyone of them, stunning. great inspiration too, simple ideas around these spaces to break up the space, contribute to it, and offer a comfortable yet chic feel. really fun 🙂

laura says:

perfect as always! i LOVE your blog and visit often… keep up inspiration 🙂

Emily says:

There's a big difference between having white walls because you're scared of color, and having it as a design element. I love color on my walls, but these pictures make me wish I had the guts to go the other way. The pictures are absolutely stunning, but my practical mind naturally wonders how I would keep it looking so sparkly clean.

I've always wondered if I could live with a white room and as much as I admire the look in other houses, I feel somewhat uneasy towards it. I have a feeling that my growing up in Europe in the 70's and 80's has something to do with it. White textured wallpaper was the fashion of these years, they were everywhere and I hated it.
My craving for colors has been undiminished since then. But done so well like in those pictures, it's tempting!

Attention grabbing is right! great portfolio.

Very Nice

I Like


Ashley says:

I can find elements that I love in each photo! Great picks!


these are great pics.. I love white!!

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