Pared back chic

Posted on Thu, 2 Jul 2009 by midcenturyjo

Sometimes a girl can overindulge. Sometimes she just can’t help herself as she dives into a design portfolio that is just image after image of beautiful spaces. If gorgeous rooms had calories I’d be a goner. Thank God interior designer Stephen Knollenberg creates rooms that are elegant in their simplicity and chic in their pared back balance between old and new. There is something calm and sophisticated, light and yet welcoming about these rooms. So beautifully curated. Sigh….

I love his work and have some of these same images saved.
Ladies I just wanted to say thank you to you both. The depth and breadth of what you cover in this blog is amazing. Having a blog of my own for a while now, I know what effort goes into it, so I really appreciate what you guys do. So, thanks!

beautiful and quite peaceful. the large dark red painting is sublime.

last pic: the window above the sofa–i love the japanese reference and inspiration there. gorgeous.

kim. says:

Thank you Catherine!

These spaces are sooo classy. LOVE the kitchen (light fixtures to die for!)!!

twin2trip says:

Thanks for finding these images. they are so beautiful!

Britt says:

I love this look! I'm not a big accessories person and I always feel bad for how sparse things look, but I guess just having a few accessories arranged well works!

Terri says:

I agree with you – exquisitely curated. I love the simple and yet elegant decor. Pitch perfect!

Blue Muse says:

Ahhh. I want a window like the one in the first and last photos! That room with the red painting really intrigues me, but the bottom left stole my heart.
Thank you for sharing these!
xo isa

Jayne says:

I love the white sunroom with the crazy floor! Very cool! Jayne

So glam this is!

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